Go Green 🌱

According to the CNN report, prepared by Jacopo Prisco, on the December 12, 2016: the kingdom of Morocco is the leading country of the charges against the climat changes, by adapting many series of strategic plans & actions. Today itself (the 15th May 2022) the Moroccan post services annouces the start of use the electrical cars to delivery the couries

Following our country leadrship vision we have adapt many series at 55pens.com of green policies (under a social program called Go-green).

Here are some of the same:

1/ We deal only with authantic products supplies that respect the climat and adapt green policies program (where most of their products could get receicled).

2/ We are working on a plan to specify each receicled products, to encourage users select priotizely the same (moreover we run special discount during selected seasons to promote in special prices these products, where we almost contribute back our margin against these type of campaigns).

3/ We have initiate, and already opened many communication channels with high esteemed potential  local & international partners, in order to serve our envirement and society: including but not limmed to Mohammed6 association and UNICEF.

Go-green is not just a social program, but it's a nation mission that we believe in and stand strongly behind our leadership in achieving the deserved goals, and we considered also as an attitude that we feel so proud to adapt in our daily routines.

Toguether we succeed!